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Estimated Investment for Emergency Appointments

Dental emergencies are never apart of the plan or budget! We like to provide our current and future patients with an idea of what to expect in terms of financial investment. Prices are listed without insurance coverage considered. After hours care will be provided to established patients only and assessed on a case by case basis.

Emergency Limited Exam with X-Rays: $130

Includes: Two x-rays to diagnose the problem and a dental exam to determine appropriate treatment.

We listen to what your symptoms and concerns are and then present treatment options and instructions. X-rays are included and required during an emergency appointment to accurately diagnose the problem.

Nitrous Oxide: $81

Includes: Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) for one appointment when getting treatment

We know coming to the dentist can strike a nerve or even bring up some bad childhood memories. In addition to neck pillows, headphones, blankets, and more, we provide nitrous oxide at an additional cost. A nose mask will be placed gently on your face, covering your entire nose and will allow you to breathe the nitrous oxide gas. We can adjust the amount of gas you are breathing to maximize your comfort level. The objective is to help you feel drowsy, happy, and relaxed, but alert enough to communicate with your team. Your comfort is our number one priority. Please let us know any additional ways in which we can improve your experience.

Extraction with Ridge Preservation: $686

Includes: Tooth removal and preservation of the bone height and width with socket filling materials (bone, collagen, etc.)

Best for: Patients who are interested in replacing the tooth to be extracted with an implant.

Losing a tooth is never an ideal option. Whether it has occurred by accident or infection, we believe in an immediate solution with long term benefits. In the first year after an extraction 40 to 60% of the bone that was holding the extracted tooth is lost. At WPDA we highly recommend routine ridge preservation. We perform ridge preservation by replacing your tooth root with socket filling materials that include cadaver bone, collagen, and blood clots made from your own blood. 

Extraction Alone: $209

Includes: Removal of a tooth without ridge preservation. The area in which your tooth once was will not be replaced with anything, and your body will fill in the space with a blood clot.

Best for: Patients on a tight budget, and who are not planning on replacing the tooth after extraction.

Tooth removal alone is more budget friendly if you cannot afford or do not need ridge preservation (if bone loss is acceptable in the particular case). Complications possible with extraction alone can include dry sockets (blood clot is dislodged, causes pain and prevents healing), bone loss, and secondary infections that occur when food gets stuck in the healing site. Still, extraction alone may be the best treatment, as in the case where removal of wisdom teeth is necessary.

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