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Patients who are informed about their dental needs tend to enjoy better oral health, so we always welcome your questions. Knowing what's on your mind and how we can help allows us to personalize your care to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Here are some questions our patients ask us most frequently. If you're looking for an answer that you don't see here, please don't hesitate to call our dentist office or send us an email using our convenient online contact form.

Dental Implants

When needed, yes. A good analogy for mini-implants vs. a regular implant would be comparing a car to a moped. In certain situations, a moped is appropriate, but a car is generally your go-to for daily transportation. While mini-implants have their uses, regular implants are stronger and typically the better choice for teeth replacement.

In many ways, mini-dental implants function just like a regular implant. But since they’re about the width of a toothpick, mini-implants are easier to place in the jaw. Mini-implants are often used to replace small teeth like incisors or in cases where there isn’t sufficient bone to place a full implant. Since mini dental implants are so tiny, there’s less trauma to the bone, so the healing period is much shorter than with regular implants. 

At Westport Plaza Dental Associates, we believe in talking about all treatment plans thoroughly, and Dr. Scott will take the time to explain various treatments so that you can make informed decisions about your dental care.

If you are not sure whether a mini-dental implant is the right choice for you, please contact our Kansas City, MO dental office to arrange a consultation. Dr. Scott will be happy to evaluate your needs, answer your questions about implants, and work with you to develop a plan to restore your healthy smile.

Yes, we place and restore implants at Westport Plaza Dental Associates. We know how living with missing teeth can take a toll on you in many ways. But there’s no reason to let missing teeth compromise your quality of life. Dental implants placed at our Kansas City, MO dental office allow you to return to eating all the foods you love and give you the confidence to share your smile with others. 

Dental implants in Kansas City, MO are the standard of care for missing teeth because they are the replacement that looks, feels, and functions the most like a natural tooth. A dental implant is an ideal solution because it is a post that’s placed surgically in your jaw. It takes over the function of the lost root, stabilizes the restoration we place on top of it, and prevents deterioration of the jawbone that’s so common after tooth loss

Dr. Matthew Scott oversees all dental implant placement at our Kansas City, MO dental office. Unlike many practices that send you to another dental office to place your implant, Dr. Scott’s experience allows him to complete all steps of the implant process right here in a comfortable, familiar location.

General Dentistry

No matter how long it’s been since your last appointment, it’s never too late to get back into a healthy routine. At Westport Plaza Dental Associates, we make sure every new patient appointment is a thorough and educational exam appointment. We don’t believe in shaming or giving anyone a guilt trip. You’re here now! We’re here to help.

We’ll perform an interactive exam by using technology to show you what we see when we look in your mouth and to point out areas of concern. Seeing is believing, and this is especially true in dentistry. It’s one thing to be told you have tooth decay and another for you to see for yourself what the problem is and why we need to treat it.

If we find that you have problems we need to address, we will work together to develop a personalized plan for treatment that fits your needs. We can plan all your treatment at once or work in stages to better accommodate your schedule and your budget.

Sometimes the hardest step is just picking up the phone and making an appointment. But we assure you that when you do, we will meet you with warmth, compassion, and non-judgmental care. Call our Kansas City, MO dental office today to get started.

If you want to maintain optimal oral health, the American Dental Association suggests preventive visits twice a year that include an exam and professional dental cleaning.

For most people, this interval is enough for us to stay a step ahead of problems and provide treatment when necessary. However, everyone is unique, and the dentists at our Kansas City MO dental office may determine that more frequent visits are more appropriate in your case.

During your routine dental exams, our dentists check the condition of your teeth and note any changes since your last visit. Identifying and addressing problems like decay and gum disease as soon as possible allows us to provide conservative treatment in many cases. If you skip these preventive dental exams, the condition will worsen, and when you do seek treatment, our options may be limited to a root canal or extraction.

At Westport Plaza Dental Associates we believe we must treat patients to the best of our ability through transparency, and we complete exams every six months unless otherwise indicated and are part of our standard care practice. If you have questions about the frequency of dental exams or would like to schedule an appointment, please call our Kansas City, MO dental office to get started.

Implant Supported Dentures

Much like Henry Ford, we at Westport Plaza Dental believe in reliable and personal service that is affordable. Cars were too useful always to stay a luxury of the rich, and implants are the same – too useful not to be available for everyone at a reasonable rate.

In the past, implant supported dentures typically started around $8,000 but commonly cost $10,000 or more. It is unlikely that your insurance plan will cover the complete cost of your new implant retained dentures; however, they may cover a good portion of the denture itself.

Before meeting with Dr. Scott for your custom consultation, we will ask that you provide us with all of your insurance information. Our team will do the leg work for you to see what insurance will and will not cover.

Root Canals

If you’re anxious about dental visits, don’t feel like it’s just you; millions of people worldwide experience anxiety about going to the dentist. Many of these people have been carrying this burden since childhood, but nitrous oxide sedation at our Kansas City, MO dental office can help.

The first step is to let us know how you feel. Sometimes just opening up and talking about it is enough to relieve some of the stress you feel. Understanding what it is that you fear about dentistry also helps us adjust your treatment accordingly.

We also offer nitrous oxide sedation that allows you to get the care you need while you enjoy deep relaxation. We mix nitrous oxide with oxygen, and it is administered through a small nasal mask. When you sit back and breathe normally, you will experience a sense of well-being and comfort. You will be fully conscious and able to communicate with our team, but the activity around you will seem to fade into the background.

After your procedure, we change the mixture to pure oxygen to help dissipate the effects of the nitrous. You will leave our office feeling fully refreshed and able to resume your usual daily activities.

Don’t let dental anxiety deprive you of a healthy smile. Call Westport Plaza Dental Associates today to learn how nitrous oxide can help you relax and get the care you need.

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