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Happy Retirement Dr. Morgan!

October 2, 2020
Posted By: Westport Plaza Dental Associates
Picture of dentist Gary P. Morgan, DDS


Dear patients and friends,
            I am both happy and sad as I complete this letter announcing my retirement to you and my world at large. I struggled for many months as I pondered quitting this job I had grown to love.
            I cherish all the relationships that have blossomed over my forty-one years of dental practice. I deeply appreciate the trust given me to provide your dental treatment. I feel very privileged to have played the role as your dentist. Thank you for your trust, confidence, and kindness.
            I do miss seeing each of you on the regularly scheduled basis that is routine in dental practice. It is so easy to take the routine for granted, until it's gone. COVID-19 has taught us all that lesson.
            I also miss all of my coworkers in Westport Plaza Dental. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them and will miss being part of the team (a really good team filled with nice people).  I must make special mention of my partner of thirty plus years, Dr. John Waldron. We did a good job together and made each other better.
            Dr. Mace has been a great successor to Dr. Waldron and me. We feel very lucky to have partnered with him in our retirement transition. He has fostered a healthy respect for quality care for all patients. And, he has maintained a great climate for patients and staff to thrive.
            The new dentist in the practice, Dr. Matthew Scott, brings the drive and talent to provide the best care science and good technique make possible. Dr. Scott has a keen focus and dedication to excellence that cannot be taught. You either have it or you don't. Dr. Scott has it!
            I am sorry a retirement party is ill advised in today's world. I hope to get to see many of you in chance encounters, here and there. If you see me, please say Hello. I may not recognize you in a mask. The mask was always my thing, remember. You may also contact me via email at: morgang.wpda@gmail.com.
            Again, I must emphasize how grateful I feel for the privilege of having been your dentist. Thank you very much.
Gary P. Morgan, D.D.S.
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