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Fall Into a Flossing Routine!

October 14, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Dustin Mace

School is in full swing and so are the routines. So we just wanted to know, has a flossing routine been added to your big to-do lists this season? At WPDA we know that even "we" don't all floss daily. It's easy to get out of the habit when you miss a couple days. Here are three tips from our homes to yours. 

  1. Set up a visible chart in the bathroom for you and the other members of the house. Maybe even make it a contest! Use different colored markers to mark off the days you've done it. 
  2. Keep flossers in a cup in your car cup holder. Floss at the stoplights and make sure to shine a nice smile at your neighbor. Don't worry, they probably won't notice anyway. They're "Snapchatting!" 
  3. Flossing once a week is better than nothing. At the VERY least, try flossing on Sunday nights and start your week out a little bit cleaner in the cracks.

Right-click or hold down on the image below to save to your device. Want a printed copy? Stop in and get one from us directly. We're happy to print one for you!  

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